Friday, 4 June 2010


In my last review I ranted on about Paul W.S Anderson and some of the terrible zombie films that he had created, in this review I'm going to give an example of a good zombie film.
Edgar Wright's 2004 film "Shaun Of The Dead" really opened the market for the Horror cross Comedy genre and created a new genre known as "ZomCom" and since then there has been a constant stream of similar films with some more successful than others and today and so today I'm going to discuss "Zombieland".

Directed by Ruben Fleischer it tells the story of four mismatched survivors of a zombie Apocalypse as they travel across the country towards a theme park, but all is not well in Zombieland (for obvious reasons) and the survivors must try to survive both the zombies and each other.

Lets jump straight in and discuss the characters to avoid forming connections or bonds to one another each charter gives the names of locations that are of relevance to the character , the film stars Woody Harrelson (2012) as Tallahassee a happy go lucky character so simply wishes to enjoy the little things and find Twinkie.
Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland) plays Columbus a cowardly, anal kid who has kept himself alive due to devising a list of 33 rules for surviving that becomes a running joke through out the film.
Emma Stone plays Wichita, Columbus's love interest who starts the film constantly outwitting and conning Columbus and Tallahassee as she takes her younger sister to the theme park to remind her of something normal and let her be a kid again.
And finally Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) plays Little Rock, Wichita's younger sister.
Also there is a special cameo appearance but i wont ruin it by going to much into it.

Now granted the jokes are few and far between but this film simply know what it is, lots of fun, it doesn't take it's self to fact it doesn't take it self seriously at all, the jokes are funny and towards the climax a battle with the undead at a fair ground combines some amazing action sequences with some incredible special effects, the relationships between the characters is well developed and never rushed, the zombie effects are what we've come to expect from today's zombie films like the "Dawn Of The Dead" remake as zombies look better these days than ever and to mention the cameo again it is fun and yet doesn't feel forced or awkward and its impossible to say just how much fun this film is, it takes it self far less seriously than even "Shaun Of The Dead" did even cutting away to side gags like "zombie kill of the week", its these little breaks in the feature that keep the enjoyment flowing....basic what I'm trying to say is that through reviewing it I'm making it sound boring, but its not it is without doubt one of the funnest, light-hearted, enjoyable films I've seen, and you should see it to.

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