Thursday, 11 February 2010

3D Some Brief Thoughts

After recently seeing 'Avatar' in 3D I figured I would voice a opinion on the subject (Not the subject of Avatar as too many people seem to be voicing their opinion on that already).

Up until recently 3D has been a gimmick used solely by Horror and Children's movies, I know a strange combination but there was no better audience to sell it to than small children who the film makers are trying to distract and Horror movie audience who the film makers are trying to make jump out of their skins, and lets be honest nothing is gonna make you jump quite like having an axe directly thrown at your face.

But since Avatar I actually believe that 3D may have a wider place in cinema due to the depth and detail that it can be used to create, and I actually want to go and see more films in 3D (mainly 'Clash Of The Titans' at the moment)

But the inescapable fact is that some films will never have a place in 3D mainly Romantic Comedies (unless you want Gerard Butler lunging at your face and maybe you do, but I'm not sure who would pay an extra couple of quid for it .)
But my point is that 3D may now have a place in wider cinema and I look forward to seeing films like 'Gladiator' in which arrows can fly out from the screen and war films in which explosions will have a closer impact upon the audience.

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